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Q:How do I join YiMemoryBook?

A:Please download YiMemoryBook APP from your phone via Apple Store or Google Play Store, and log in by email, Line, Google or Apple account.

User Tips

Q:How do I Start ?

A:First, choose the product in YiMemoryBook APP, and upload photos to complete a Photobook.

Q:Why does it show “not enough resolution” after I upload photos?

A:The image resolution needs to be at least 6 million pixels, in order to present a clear image in Photobook. Please make sure not to upload photos that were downloaded from social media or it will be very blur.

Q:Can I add/ delete photos, if I don’t like book previews?

A:Yes, you can edit your content before finishing it. We provide two editions of preview, so you can choose one of them to be printed.

Q:What does “unable to analyze” mean? How can I solve it?

A:Because the phone did not save the information of images, or the image is downloaded via other social media software, that will cause us to be unable to read the information. So please be sure to turn on location services for camera.


Q:Can I choose the Photobook size?

A:Yes, YiMemeoryBook offers 12 inch and 8 inch size Photobook. We will provide more options in the future.

Q:How many photos can I upload?

A:It depends on what size the Photobook you choose, and APP will show you the maximum photos you can upload.

Q:Can I cancel or refund my order after I submit?

A:After you submitted we are not able to cancel or refund your order, due to customized product.


Q:How do I check the status of my order?

A:Track your order on your account and click order to see your order status.

Q:How long will it take to receive my order?

A:We will start making your Photobook once the order is placed. It takes around 2~4 weeks to arrive depends on location.

Q:What happens if the package is lost?

A:We do have a tracking system, if we find out the package got lost, we will remake one for you.


Q:How should I do if I recevied a Photobook that looks different from my preview or missing photoes?

A:Please contact us via Facebook messenger or email us questions about the screenshot of your album information in the APP, we will have our assistant contact you very soon.

Q:What should I do about damages with my order?

A:After you recevied the Photobook, you will have 7 days, if there is any defect that not cause by personal reason such as dirty, binding errors, missing pages, uneven cutting, printing stains or other errors that attribute to us, please contact us via Facebook messenger and provide us photo, we will remake one for you.

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